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Advantages of listening comprehension when learning German

Regardless of where else in the word you live in, the easiest way to get in touch with the German language is to listen to the German radio online, either on your MP3 player or via your internet connection. Unlike German television, German radio is broadcast over the internet which has been broadcast to listeners all over the world (i.e. there is no geo-blocking involved).

What's exciting about listening to German radio online is that you can experience authentic German culture and music in its purest form. Most internet savvy German speakers have the option of submitting themselves online to German radio channels that automatically play the most popular radio stations in Germany at that particular time. The advantage of this is that you not only get a dose of German pop culture from popular German music channels, but a variety of other channels as well. For example, there are news channels, sports channels, music channels, and radio channels which are news, sports, music, and entertainment among others. You can also listen to other programs, such as B. the programming of ChildrenRens as well as German news and current affairs.

In order to take full advantage of listening comprehension, you need powerful German learning software that allows you to understand words and phrases in their most basic and practical meaning. Fortunately, such software does exist. This software is called Raketendeutscher, and it was created by professional German-speaking students who saw the benefits of listening comprehension in those students who couldn't immediately say what they meant. Through careful research, they identified student needs to improve listening skills and build reading skills, and then developed Rocket German to help students learn to speak German more effectively, and to hear German language.

  • Veronica Verity
  • Jun 11 2021
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