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3 Easy Tips On How To Win With Blackjack

Have you ever fantasised about how to win with blackjack having a flawless hand? While there are no certainties, with little guidance and practise, you can come out on top. Here’s a tip for you:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of strategy and stick to it. The player should always presume that the card they can't see is a ten because statistically, the chances are good. When your first two cards total 11, always double your stake, and divide pairings of aces and eights.

  2. Never divide a pair of 5s or a 10-value card. Two fives should be played as a ten.

  3. While the streak is still going, increase your stake a bit to optimise your earnings. Reduce your wager if you begin to lose.

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  • Jan 14 2022
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