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Alaska Airlines makes a last-minute flight change:

We recognise that mishaps occur without warning, which is why we have Alaska Airlines Change Flight Policy in place for our guests. The following are the terms and conditions of Alaska Airlines' same-day flight change policy:

Passengers have the option to change their flight up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

It is also possible to exchange the ticket for a flight ticket on the same day. Passengers who desire to go a little early can take advantage of this benefit without difficulty.

Please bear in mind that Savor fare ticket holders are not permitted to reschedule their flights on the same day.

According to the terms and circumstances listed in the change section, travellers may be charged $25 or $50. We recommend that you have a look at the Change section for a quick overview of the payable cost.

Passengers should be aware that we are committed to providing the finest service possible. Furthermore, we make no promise that the exchange method is thorough in every way. The exchange ticket policy is entirely contingent on the availability of seats at the time of purchase.

Let us remind you that the exchange ticket policy is more flexible in the offseason to make things easy for you. Apart from Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year's Day, we can confidently state that the odds of exchanging an airline ticket are excellent. To minimise disappointment, we recommend that you contact for this treatment as soon as possible.

You can also be self-sufficient by verifying the availability of seats online before requesting an exchange.

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  • Jul 26 2021
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