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Dead Warfare Zombie MOD APK 2021 [Unlimited Ammo/Money/Health]

Featuring advanced and highly detailed graphics, this is a popular zombie shooter game. A lot of guns are available in this dead warfare zombie mod apk that looks realistic. You will be defending your lands, killing zombies, and sometimes saving other survivors in this survival FPS! The bosses and zombies have unique behaviors and abilities in the game. You can upgrade your trigger for faster response time, customize guns to pack more heat, use special effects to make guns more effective and collect guns from random points in the warfare world. Besides from killing zombies you have to protect your own base and destroy other buildings to get food and fuel. The map can be easily explored to find supplies, there are different target locations with various challenges.

Information about the file

VNG GAME STUDIOS developed this game. The game has been updated on 2021-5-28 and is 110 MB in size. Android version 4.1 or later is required to run it. Currently, the software is at version 2.21.7. Take a look on eagleapk

  • eagle APK
  • Jul 28 2021
  • New idea
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