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Provide status of 3rd party actions taken in Engage and make it accessible via Selectors

It's great that we have actions such as Create SFDC Task or Outreach or soon Terminus and Rollworks available. 

What would be great to know, within Engagio is the following:

1) What is the current status of the action in the 3rd party system (i.e. SFDC Task = Open / In Progress / Completed, Outreach Sequence = Created / In Progress (what step?) / Aborted / Completed, ...)

2) Who in the other system is taking the action? The other systems have the notion of assigning the activity to another user.

3) When was the last update on this action in the 3rd party system?

4) Brownie points: Other changes (beyond the 3 above) that were made to the activity in the other system

I understand that there are some basic "action history" capabilities but they are not sufficient for our needs. We want to be able to access the action object in Selectors so that we can write some very cool follow up lists, filters, and reports. For example, how awesome would it be to send a report to an ADR stating that despite (example follows) "3 Outreach sequences being launched to capture the attention of the CMO, none of the sequences have been completed despite the fact that the account had great engagement in the last 3 months from non-VP/SVPs/CxOs".

I am happy to chat more about this if this is interesting to other users as well.

  • Helge Scheil
  • Apr 19 2019
  • We love it
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  • Rita Palmer commented
    November 13, 2019 08:11

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