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Please incorporate Outreach open and click logging into Engagio activity calculations WITHOUT creating separate activities in salesforce to do so

Your integration with Outreach is incomplete. A significant value of Outreach (and any email automation platform built for sales and SDRs) is logging opens and clicks on emails sent through Outreach. As of right now, these activities are not fed into Engagio to affect minute scoring, but it should be!

I know your recommended solution is to create a new activity type that logs the open and click, but this is not scalable or a feasible solution for most clients. It creates a massive amount of activity records in a client's salesforce org as an email could be opened 20 times. I now have 20 activity records created and logged to salesforce to show those opens. This will consume a lot of salesforce data storage, and also make it very difficult if I ever need to review email activities since I'll have all these open and click records mudding up my salesforce org. 

If you have a full integration, then complete the work and build out an integrated solution that allows Engagio to see the Outreach activity in the single salesforce record outreach creates for the email send.

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  • Apr 25 2019
  • Looking into it
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    26 Apr, 2019 12:03am

    I love Outreach, but they only provide a single count representing total opens or clicks via their API and via the Salesforce task they log.

    They don't have any way of reporting when the opens or clicks of an email happened programmatically or via the Task they log.

    On the other hand, all of the Engagio activities seem like they require a date and time associated with them so things like "engagement in the last 7 days" can work. 

    As much as I want Engagio to do this for our instance too, it seems like there's some fundamental challenges with what Outreach makes available... do you have any ideas?