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Incorporate an MQA "Predictor" to help ALL customers

I'm sure that for Engagio, many customers ask the same question... "what should our specific MQA threshold be?". That's a tough question to answer, especially if you aren't intimate with the business and/or have the time to devote hours of research and consulting. 


It would be great if we could easily calculate a prediction of a good starting point to where an MQA threshold should start with. Of course, everyone should know this is just a "starting point" but is more data-driven than simply "pick a number and tweak from there".


Could we calculate the average number of engagement minutes (prior to an Open Opp) for all accounts (with the ability for anyone to filter based on their specific criteria)? This will help pinpoint "Hey' it seems all of our recent accounts that had an open Opportunity created had an average of....125 minutes of engagement. Let's start there and work with sales to continuously optimize that number to find our organizations "sweet spot". 


Currently, we need to either (a) Buy Dash and got through a full implementation to get this average...or (2) setup custom fields in SFDC and do a bunch of Ops work to get the configuration in place....then wait 3-4 weeks to allow the data to compile so we can do a look back when we have enough data in the system. Pain. 


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  • May 3 2019
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    03 May 19:17

    Wow, this is a great idea!!