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Filtering the Awareness report with the filters at the top of the page!

Currently, on the Awareness page, you cannot use the filtering at the top of the page to view data in the chart differently. For example, I have an account list with 100 accounts. If I want to look at awareness at accounts in Canada (which equals 20 accounts), the chart does not update to reflect that subset of accounts. It still shows the 100. 


As a workaround, I have to build a separate list for EACH sub-set I want to analyze, and then delete them once I'm done to prevent my instance from getting cluttered. I opened a ticket with support who indicated the filtering only applies to the table toward the bottom of the page, which is confusing? On other pages the filters control all of the charts on the page...but here it's only the table? 


The ideal situation is to be able to analyze by filtering a subset of accounts on this page versus having to build a separate list each time. In the short term, it be great to prevent other confusion for other people by at least moving the filtering above the table so it makes sense what controls what. 

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  • May 10 2019
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