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Default Global Column Views

Hi Engagio - I've noticed that there isn't a way to currently set a default view of the necessary columns across the entire company within Engagio. 

This could be a very valuable feature added to Engagio because as the ABM Manager, I can set up the Sales team for success with default views relevant to my business without needing the AEs/ ADRs to do it themselves. 

 But, I am also not suggesting that you remove the AEs/ ADRs ability to customize their report view within Engagio. 


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  • Jul 1 2019
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  • Deb Schleede commented
    August 20, 2019 17:02

    Upvoting this. Just asked Support how to do it and was told it's not possible. This would be huge for us. It's hard to get our sales reps all on the same page and it's their job to use Engagio to sell - not spend too much time configuring software. :) 


    Setting global views would be very helpful!!