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Is Your Guardian Angel Sending You Love?

Is Your Guardian Angel Sending You Love?

Despite how advanced technology is and will be in the future, some things in the world might still be left unexplained. Have you ever experienced thinking of a song just before you turn on the radio, and be pleasantly surprised that this exact tune was the one playing?

This is just a simple stroke of evidence that someone with greater abilities has the power to touch our lives. Despite the lack of scientific and physical evidence, historical beliefs and accounts have proven the presence of guardian angels.

They are said to be angels that are sent to guide and protect us. These heavenly beings are present and acknowledged in many religions and date back through ancient times. It is most likely that they still offer mankind protection today although we may be too busy to notice it.

It is remarkably interesting to explore the concept of guardian angels. Are they real and how do they impact our lives?

Acknowledging guardian angels

The presence of guardian angels has been documented since ancient times. However, it was not until the 5th century when the study of the hierarchy of angels was extensively developed by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite, a Christian theologian. It has drastically evolved since. Despite this, both Eastern and Western literature agree that guardian angels are there to protect and carry the prayers of the person God assigns them to.

In the bible, guardian angels played major roles in both the old and new testaments. Angels carried out specific tasks, either grand or simple, that affected the country or the person that they were responsible for. It is written that angels were responsible for guarding Lot against danger when God's wrath befall her city.

The old testament also tells of how God assigned His angels to go before Moses as he liberated Israel in the book Exodus. Meanwhile, in the new testament, Peter managed to escape prison with the help of his angel, Raphael. Thus, making Raphael the most common portrait depicting angels.

Most recently, Pope Francis touched on the idea of guardian angels in his homily on October 2, 2014, for the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels. He supported the concept that guardian angels continue to exist. He referred to them as a "travel companion" and that "no one journeys alone, and no one should think that they are alone".

He also said that when we feel reluctant about doing or not doing something, or feel the sudden need to be careful, this is the work of our guardian angel. We must follow their advice. He also stated that we must think of this Christian concept as the truth and not mere imagination.

Is my guardian angel with me?

Despite guardian angels being documented for a long time, and numerous religious groups practicing this belief, people tend to neglect this idea. Oftentimes an individual is more inclined to deal with matters that are concrete and tangible. This is the opposite of what believing in guardian angels is, and spirituality, in general.

Before being able to catch the slightest of hints about what your guardian angel is telling or doing for you, you would have to succumb to the idea that there is a Higher Entity that makes the universe go on. Depending on our faith, it is quite difficult to believe that an unseen being can affect our decisions and protect us from harm.

However, we must also look at the perspective that God is the Supreme Ruler but would still need subordinates to carry out His intentions for each of His subjects. The level at which His plans are translated into action and merge with our daily lives is where our guardian angels come in.

We may already know and believe that we have guardian angels but being able to sense them is another thing. Guardian angels are said to act extremely simply and subtly. This means that their actions are hardly noticeable unless we develop a higher sense of awareness. Although sometimes, guardian angels take overt action when the situation arises.

Saved by an angel

There are countless accounts of people having near-death experiences only to be saved by their guardian angels. Some sites dedicated to faith and inspiration publish real-life stories of people being helped by guardian angels.

One example is when Ms. Joyce Woodward was casually walking towards her car one morning. She received an unexpected phone call which stalled her from getting into her car. As she picked up her phone, she heard a crashing thud and felt a blinding whish of air. A tree had fallen flat and crushed her car leaving it in an abstract of wood and twisted metal. Woodward swore that this was the work of her guardian angel as there were no further details about the call she received.

Not all acts of guardian angels are as dramatic, but they do not lack in frequency. They sometimes come in small hints, signs, through people we encounter or even our electronic devices.

Angel numbers are a popular medium that guardian angels use to reach us. They are a series of numbers that contain messages and meaning. Take the numbers 222 for example. Seeing repetitive numbers 222 is an angel number that hints at a great and positive transformation that is about to happen. It means that you are a loving person, and your coming days must be filled with compassion for other people. Also, 555 means that you are nearing the path God has set for you. You are close to fulfilling your true purpose in life.

A source of hope

The concept of guardian angels cannot be fully explained and is not accepted by everyone. However, its inclusion in ancient texts and the practice of numerous groups suggests that it has outlived other concepts that are said to be “more important”.

The interesting thing about guardian angels is that people are given an additional source of hope and positivity. As depression becomes more and more of a problem for mankind, it may be time to look back at a practice that has existed long before this civilization.

It's always great to remember that when you seem lost and down, an unseen companion will always be there to hear your prayers.

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  • Sep 15 2021
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