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What is Software Testing?

Software testing is the process of evaluating a program or computer system to determine if it meets the requirements and produces the desired results. You can identify and fix bugs in software products/projects.

Software testing is essential to ensure a high quality product.

How to Become Software Tester

Here's our suggestion for learning Software Testing as a beginner

Start by learning the basics of software testing. Once you have completed this course, you can apply for freelancing positions. This will allow you to apply your knowledge and strengthen the concepts of testing you have studied.

Next you will move on to Selenium Automation Tool, JMeter Performance Testing Tool, and finally Test Link Test Management Tools. While you're learning, we recommend that you apply for freelancing jobs. In addition to the other benefits, you will also make some money! You can find out more at

After you have completed all the tools, you might consider a certification. We recommend ISTQB. This is an optional option.

Know more about Software Testing

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