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Ability to 'exclude' a logic card during selector creation

Why is it useful?

It would allow users to iterate much faster during selector creation. The ability to test a variety of logic without losing past work would give us a much better understanding of how logical changes can impact selector results.

Who would benefit from it? 
Everyone will save time. There will be less back and forth with CSMs/ Support because we will be able to more or less trace what piece of logic is throwing a selector off through simple trial and error.

This will likely spur adoption because it gives us a more iterative playground.

CSMs/Support are able to troubleshoot more quickly.

Users won't need to wait 24 hours to get a response from support if they're able to quickly troubleshoot on the spot.

The ability to trace where things went wrong will give us an idea of the 'health' of fields in Salesforce. That knowledge can be used to improve data quality and completeness in Salesforce which would, in turn, allow us to get the maximum value out of Engagio. 

How should it work? 
The operation should be executed on the card level.

Double click to comment out (this will turn the card gray)

Double click to comment back in (this will turn the card back to white)

Once we hit the spinning wheel, the selector will only take into consideration cards that are NOT grayed out. 

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  • Aug 8 2019
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