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Recently, while trying to update the QuickBooks Desktop, I got stuck with QuickBooks Error 1321. Here’s what I found to get it fixed.

Recently, while trying to update the QuickBooks Desktop, I got stuck with QuickBooks Error 1321. Because of this error, I wasn’t able to install the latest updates of the QuickBooks application. However, to fix the error, I searched on different websites to find the best troubleshooting steps but failed to do the same. After searching on several websites, I came across a file named 'Error 1321 in QuickBooks Desktop'. You can also click on this article to get the best possible solutions to fix the error.

  • Lily Evans
  • Oct 22 2021
  • New idea
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  • lewis hamilton commented
    22 Oct 11:29am

    Fix 1: Retry the Update

    When you confront QuickBooks error 1321 on your screen, it shows an error message. By understanding that message, you can proceed with further actions.

    While seeing the error message, you will find a Retry button. If you press that Retry button and complete the process of updating the program.

    If you are still viewing an error message then click on the “Ignore” or “Cancel” button.

    Switch to the “Options” tab.

    Turn off the antivirus program temporarily.

    After following these steps, you can install the QuickBooks Desktop in a proper way. If this method does not work effectively, you can switch to other methods.

    Fix 2: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

    Since the error is associated with the installer, hence, you should try diagnosing the actual cause of QuickBooks error 1321. By using the QB install diagnostic tool, you can identify the installation issues and repair the possible errors.

    To use the QBinstall diagnostic tool, you can download QuickBooks Tool Hub. Here are the steps you can pursue:

    Before getting started, make sure you close the “QuickBooks” program and other tabs if running on your Windows computer.

    Then, start downloading the “QuickBooks Tool Hub” from a trusted source.

    You can save the download file on the desktop screen.

    Now, open the download file and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. Also, agree to the terms and conditions to finish the installation process.

    When the tool is successfully installed, you can hit the “QuickBooks Tool Hub” icon to launch the software.