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Know About The Legacy And The Lucrativeness Of CryptoPunks Clone!

Had you been familiar with the term non-fungible tokens, then sure, you wouldn't have missed hearing about CryptoPunks. CryptoPunks are the primitive NFTs that came into existence. And over the years, its worth has been rising steadily from giving for free to costing millions now. Are you excited to explore the scope and potential that the CryptoPunks hold for business? Let's dive into the details with no further delay.

An Overview Of CryptoPunks Clone

Cryptopunks clone is similar to that of the pixelated CryptoPunks digital art. As mentioned, these are animated characters, each with distinct attributes given in a 24*24, 8-bit resolution. Created using a software program, these quirky arts are randomly generated, including characters such as men, women, apes, and aliens with impressive accessories.

These animated collections are given as NFTs. That makes it immutable as their ownership and other related intricacies are recorded on the blockchain. Our experts, who are well-versed in handling blockchain technology, help you create an NFT collectible marketplace like CryptoPunks. Imagine the level of profits you could make by featuring heaps of pixelated art collections in your marketplace. Your opportunity is just a call away!

Lucrativeness That CryptoPunks Like NFT Marketplace Development Holds

There is so much happening in the NFT market that could be beyond what you expect. Sit tight and insight yourself with the market figures.

  • The worth of CryptoPunks was rising steadily since its inception, but until recently, in 2021, it started to blow the roof.

  • Earlier this year, in February 2021, 34 punks were sold for $1 million.

  • This record was broken by CryptoPunk #7804, which was sold for $7.5 million

Exhilarating numbers, Isn't it? Then it's time to end your wait and get on with the CryptoPunks like NFT marketplace development to make stunning profits.

What Is The Reason Behind The Skyrocketing Popularity Of The CryptoPunks Clone?

These are certain traits possessed by the original CrytoPunks from where you can take the inspiration to ensure you always stay ahead of the pack.

Scarcity: Creating only a limited number of punks can boost the demand while arousing curiosity among the users. For instance, presenting only 10,000 punks creates hype and earns a high bid value.

Uniqueness: Each anime character can be composed of different traits such as hairstyle, glasses, hats, etc.

Social Proof-Of-Stake: Since the ownership details of the punks are recorded on the blockchain, it gives the owner credibility to trade assets facilely accounting for profitable business deals.

Wrapping Up

With all that being said, Create NFT Collectible Marketplace like CryptoPunks and embellish your brand in the market with no further delay. Contact our experts for more details.

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