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Learnersleague Reviews

Learnersleague Reviews services have been appreciated for their quality and affordability. Our highly experienced experts have a keen eye for details and can find and remove even the smallest mistakes in your work. Apart from that, they also remove plagiarism; once done, your work will be without any plagiarism, syntax or grammatical issues. Our experts are also good at setting the structure of your document to enhance its quality.

An Extensive Guide on How to Write a Personal Essay

Getting enrolled into a good college is every student’s dream, and a big part of the admission process is writing a personal essay. Personal essays are of two types depending on their purpose. For students, it is for admission purposes, for writers, it's more of sharing experiences gained from a personal experience. However, the basic principle of both types remains the same, sharing something about your life that convinces the reader of your personality. Following guidelines will be helpful for anyone looking to write a personal essay of both types.

Select a Topic

Even personal essays require compelling topics; selecting a topic related to your life sets the mood of your essay. In the case of students, it doesn't mean detailing their academic achievements; instead, it should reflect your personality The admission officer should be convinced that you are going to succeed in the program and be a productive student for it


Like an academic essay, these personal ones also need proper planning. The essay should have three main parts;

  1. Introduction: This is where you convince your readers that the content is worth their time. Take your time creating the introduction, as it will decide a reader’s interest.

  2. Body: The main points and the discussion of an essay are made in this part. Compile it according to the priority and the structure of an essay. Learnersleague Reviews

  • Conclusion: Essays are incomplete without a meaningful conclusion. A good essay always concludes the discussion for maximum impact.

All essays should have these three parts if they are to hit their mark.

Simple is Worthy

A personal essay is all about letting people know about yourself; it's not supposed to be a literary masterpiece. Therefore, keeping your vocabulary simple is the key whenever you attempt to write a personal essay. Moreover, if the tone is light and the pacing is good, it will keep the reader invested in your essay. The best way to do it is to keep the vocabulary and the sentence structuring simple

Focus on Yourself

A personal essay should only focus on you and your relevant experiences. If you begin to discuss your role models or other inspirations, then the whole of a personal essay is lost. Even if you mention role models, the essay should detail how they impacted you and your life. In your essay, any mention of someone other than you makes it look bad and will not serve its purpose.

Proofread and Edit

You should always proofread your essay multiple times and edit where necessary. Proofreading removes all the impurities from your content and enhances its quality. For example, contextual errors change the complete meaning and intent of an essay, and proofreading it multiple times helps to remove them.

Writing a personal essay is a bit tricky despite the fact it's about your personal experience. Therefore choosing the right words that explain your narrative is essential. Take help from the above guideline to construct a meaningful and compelling essay.

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